Christmas Tea

Yesterday we were able to spend a wonderful time with our dear friends the M's for our annual Christmas tea together.  We sit, eat, talk, and open presents.  This year, we were all so busy that it was almost a month late!

This was our lovely lunch...chicken noodle soup, carrot sticks, cherry jam from the neighbors, and delicious date muffins, courtesy of the M's!

This was my mom's lunch (she's on a special candida diet, which means that right now she can only have green and white vegetables and meat).  That salad sure looks good...this diet isn't always that hard! :)

I love this candle...we've had it since I was little, and have saved it for some special occasion.  I guess this was it!  It wasn't burning too well, though...

Later in the afternoon, Miss R and I decided to do a photoshoot together.  She's so beautiful and great at posing...we always have lots of fun together.  After the shoot, we edited the photos in Lightroom, and presto!  They look amazing!  But really, my gorgeous subject is the only reason the pictures turned out so well. :D

Isn't she just beautiful?  Thanks for being such a wonderful friend, Miss R! I love you!



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