Today: A Day Which the Lord Hath Made

"This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it."

Psm. 118:24

Taking a short break from my "Irrational Fear" series to share this.  I think this verse is inspiring.  Don't you think it's inspiring?  

I mean, take a plain old day.  Just...a day.  Maybe a day on earth, that's boring and dry and flat (if a day can be described as such (I think it can)).  Or a day on Venus, or Neptune or some planet we don't yet know of.  And think...the Lord made it.  The Lord!  The God of heaven and earth! He made this tiny, seemingly insignificant day.  He took the time to make it and care about it.  I think it's pretty neat.

And, of course, the only logical follow-up for this now-amazing day is that we rejoice in it, as we're living through it and watching it unfold before our eyes.  And we're glad in it.  Just plain old glad.  Have you ever had those moments when you feel like you're just...happy and grateful and completely content?  All at once?  That's my idea of gladness.  It seems like a very small, name-of-a-plastic-container sort of word.  But I think it's describes how we're supposed to feel about something the Lord made.  Just happy.

Now, let's be amazed the Lord made this day, and let's be rejoice and be glad in it!


(picture taken by me in Verde Valley, AZ)


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