I promise…

…That I will have an actual post up soon that took me longer than 5 minutes to write.  I’m supposed to (once again) start school in about that same 5 minutes, so I’m afraid you’ll have to be satisfied with these random shots of my life:
Our favorite sugar-free pop. It's wonderful. And incredibly fizzy.
The very cool antique lamp I have in my room.  It’s a family heirloom that my children will also enjoy.
A few of our wonderful old books. I love old books.  Too bad they can’t talk.
Oops, now I have to run. Tune in late for what I think of working out.  Trust me, it ain’t gonna be pretty. (Actually, I just said that because it sounds cool. In reality, I think working out it…wait, that’s for later. Like I said, tune in next time.)  *insert Looney Tunes “b-d-ub-du-b..That’s all, folks!”*


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