Lately, Pt. 2

Now for the second part that I didn’t finish. :)

…I haven’t been much of a seamstress thus far. Just haven’t. Sewing is so much more work than knitting or crocheting, and I suffered terribly from a childhood disease known as laziness.

But then I found this sew-along on Casey’s blog.  And apparently couldn’t go on with life until I tried it.

Since I’m such a devoted lover of vintage, the circle skirt seemed like a pretty easy way to expand my vintage wardrobe and still be doing something [relatively] fun, creative, and non-computer.

Until I had to completely pick out the zipper and the left seam, because I sewed the zipper down too low and it completely threw off the hem. Ugh.

But. Now I knew how to sew a zipper in (all by my big self, may I add!), so it was no biggie to sew it right back in. *flips hair nonchalantly*

Until I finished the waistband and realized the hem was still terribly uneven, on account of having to cut the entire skirt on the bias of the fabric.  Ok, lesson learned: cutting on the bias causes uneven drape in the fabric. Remember that, dear reader.

So Mother and I still have to do the hem—I think we’ve been subconsciously putting it off, seeing as how it’s such a massive, gargantuan, huge, giant, mammoth project. You get the idea.


…I went with my mom when she got her hair cut yesterday and left my camera at the lady’s house. Score.

And it’s still there.

…We won the Men’s Swimming 4x200 relay! The Women’s Team Gymnastic all-around! Missy Franklin’s first Olympic medal was gold! Michael Phelps is now the most decorated Olympian in history!  I’m very hyped about it all.  I want to go to Rio as a runner now.  And lo, she began to work out, and it was awesome…

Just kidding on that last part. Sort of.  Oh, and that brings me to…

…Our whole family has been doing this workout program.  My dad is on the second level, and my mom and I just started the first.  I’ve already gained weight on it (exercise does that to me—builds muscle mass, I guess).  Yes!!!!  (See, Amy? I can do it.)

…Did I mention I started school Monday? Ah yes. Um…no comment at this time.

…Jesus loves you!! :)

…And I think that’s about what my mischievous self has been up to.  I’m going to do my Spanish before breakfast today, and get it over with, so I better skedaddle.  Have a blessed day!


  1. If you hang that bias skirt up overnight or for a couple of days, gravity will help pull all the unevenness out. Then, try the skirt on, and while you stand on a chair, have your mom mark the hem. Use a ruler to measure the same length up from the floor all the way around the skirt. Easy peasy, just time-consuming. ♥


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