…I woke up this morning and discovered I apparently bruised my thumb. Weird. And a little bit painful.  But more weird than painful.

…We had some dear friends over and I got to take pictures of Miss C. Smile She’s so photogenic and gorgeous:

DSC_1531 edit

I experimented with my reflector (my first real “shoot” with it!) and Miss R got some arm-work holding it for me. Smile 


Yeah, it’s pretty big…42” to be exact! And Miss R is so sweet and kind and obliging that she held it for me the entire time. And was unspeakably thankful when I finished, I think. I bet she’s sore today.

…We started school on Monday. So far it’s been a little slow getting going, us still with a busy summer schedule. Today is my first real where I do everything I’ll be doing throughout the year. Pray for us…we usually need it. :)

…I am reading……*drumroll*……LOTR!! My friends have told me about it for close to ten years now.  I broke down and read The Hobbit when I was 12, but The Fellowship of The Ring reminded me sadly of someone writing down a crazy dream they had…I quit reading when our little band of hobbits reached the Old Forest.  That creeped me out. But now I think it’s cool.

…I just found out that I need to go. Time to meet with Mom and go over our day! I’ll finish this post later.  Have a blessed day!


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