Apparently posts that ramble about your day aren't attention-grabbing and content-rich, like blog posts should be.  I'm filing an official protest...and posting about my day. :)  Here's a list of things I did (or didn't) do today:

1. Didn't go anywhere.

2. Did school all day. Literally. 10am to 9pm.

3. I did school all day because I spent the first half of said school day reading Agatha Christie's Murder on the Orient Express...our curriculum is "doing" the classics.  Book review coming later.

4.  I took a picture of Sadie that I thought was pretty cute.  But my annoying Android device is being incorrigible again and won't let me get the picture on the computer.  Why can't these electronic devices just get along???

5.  I found a really fun new way to do Spanish. :) For all you fellow students who groan every day when it's time for your lesson, groan no more!  Enter YouTube: 
It's awesome. And lots of fun. :D

6. Annnnd...I have to cut my lovely, boring narrative short b/c I have to be in bed in 10 minutes.  Ah, time flies when you're blogging...sleep well, my friends!



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