Civil Twilight

Have you ever heard of civil twilight?  I have, usually from the weather man, but it's always mystified me. No idea what it means. So, today, I finally had the sense to go to Wikipedia and look it up. The summarized definition, as best I can tell, is that civil twilight is that period during early morning/late evening when you can see the horizon and other objects pretty clearly, but it's still dark out. If you're the nerdy science type and want more info, go check out the Wiki page here. :)

In my research, I also learned that civil twilight is the time when the brightest stars come out--most notably, the "morning star" and "evening star" (the planet Venus).

For us, Jesus is the "morning and evening star."  I thought about when our visible star appears in the sky: the morning and the evening. I like to think that this is a reminder that Jesus is there for us when we go to bed and when we get up!  There's so much to learn about Him from nature...isn't God good?!


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