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~The view out my window this morning:


~Didn’t sleep so great last night. It felt like I was fighting something, and since Daddy has been fighting a cold the better part of the week, I figured I should dose up with our usual regime of Vitamin C, Oreganol, and Echinacea (since they’re cold symptoms).  This morning I was thinking about my body’s natural response to germs, and this popped in my head:

White blood cell: (leaping about Errol Flynn-style with drawn saber, stabbing germs)  AHA! Take that, you! And that! Begone, you worthless filth!

Germ: (falls to knees pleading in front of white blood cell) Please, sir! Don’t kill me! My wife…my children!

White blood cell: (pauses, arches eyebrow) Children? How many children?

Germ: Oh, 629 last I counted, sir, but that was this morning…I’m sure I’m a grandpa by now!

White blood cell: Aaaaah! How many of you are there? Die, you scum! (runs him through)

Yes, call me imaginative…or weird, whichever. :P

~This awesome tutorial by Olivia of Fresh Modesty for modifying your average tshirt into a feminie style! I want to try it…

~Everything else I was going to talk to you about this morning flew out of my head after I read Ree’s post a minute ago…I’ll never think of brown eyeliner the same way again. *tries vainly to stop snickering*

~What else. Oh yes. Couch to 5K! I started it again this week, and though I have to skip today’s run on account of being under the weather and wanting to preserve myself for the play we’re going to tonight, I’m enjoying it immensely. I’ve always loved running, and I love it even more when I’m in shape. (I’ll let you know when my legs stop burning.)

~Reading Robert Louis Stevenson’s Kidnapped this week…a fascinating story full of rollicking nautical adventures and phonetically-spelled Scottish accents. Did you know that “ken” is Scottish for “know”? I dinnae ken it myself.

~Also reading Kontiki for school. What a story! And we haven’t even hit the open seas yet…

~I would keep talking but school is calling. Unfortunately. *assumes the blandly cheerful expression of your standard-issue cashier* Have a good’un, folks!


  1. My, my... You have such dramatic blood cells and germs. :D

    Enjoy your school - that's better than being at the dentist. :D


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