Newness in 2015

As you can see, I’ve spent some time updating my blog look, and am pretty happy with it. There may be some more tweaks in the future, but for now I’ll leave it be.

So what’s new in my life?

- I’m working/interning at the local museum and loving it. Although we’re small, we're at the heart of the community, culturally and geographically. There’s always something happening, and I’m surrounded by the nicest people day after day. It was an opportunity truly crafted by God and dropped in my lap with the greatest nonchalance, and as there’s no real end in sight, you’ll likely be hearing quite a bit about it!

- Graphic design at college! I have definitely found my place. Graphic design is such a beautiful blend of science and art…not too squishy-feely, not too cut and dried. Just right. And my professor rocks.

- Less internet. I went on an internet break at Thanksgiving, and loved it so much for two weeks that I decided to simply continue! My rules have relaxed somewhat, but I try to keep internet at a minimum, checking FB once a week and email once (or twice) daily. Pinterest happens randomly, and YouTube not much at all. Now it’s more or less habit, and my fear of being bored is nowhere in sight—I have so much to do and think about, and more time to concentrate on the people in my life. (I want to dedicate a post to this experiment and my findings!)

- Newness with the Lord. 2014 was hard and good, stretching me inside and out. It seems like the Lord is bringing things to the surface in me to deal with, mostly old childhood fears that (however silly) managed to get a root in me and stayed. Though each pulling-out is a painful process, it feels so good to let go of these weights. Sometimes you don’t realize how heavy something is until you put it down.

So what are my goals for 2015? Well, I’ve tried to keep it realistic and true to where I am. Here’s some of them:

  1. More blogging. Let’s just face it: I’m a pathetic blogger. My blogging life resembles that of a flaky lover: I disappear, come back for a visit, vow eternal devotion, and depart again, not to be heard from for another six months. Yup. It’s bad. But this year, with less “floofy” internet and more time for serious recreation (an oxymoron, to be sure), blogging will (hopefully) happen more. I hope I’m not just swearing eternal devotion again.
  2. More Bible. In the latest process of rooting out fear, I was talking/praying with my mom and she brought to my attention the fact that I have not been spending enough time in the Word. She didn’t say it in so many words, but in my new, busier, post-high school life, I somehow managed to abandon my habit of a morning quiet time. For one thing, I felt like I never read enough (here, have a nice helping of legalistic works), so I just avoided it. I’ve let go of that now, and am happily embarked on the Discipleship Journal Bible Reading Program. It feels sooo good to be really reading and studying each day.
  3. More exercise. Yes, cliché, I know, but so true! I’ve never been “sporty”, and duck if a ball is thrown at me. So that left me with workouts, cause you have to move sometime. But I was horribly unmotivated, so I didn’t. Move, that is. After feeling general yuckiness for some time, I’ve decided to break the mold, and started running last week! Also, I researched how to breathe when you run, as my aching throat has always given out long before my legs. I tried the tips I found, and it made a huge difference. Running is now possible, interspersed with normal workouts for other muscle groups. I already feel better!
  4. More reading. I rediscovered reading during my formal internet break, and devoured The Three Musketeers and Ivanhoe (book reviews forthcoming). I haven’t picked up a new one yet, since I’m busy enough with more Bible reading and the new semester starting tomorrow. But it’s progress.
  5. More homemaking. With work and school, I’m home a lot less, which is sort of a roadblock to my Proverbs-31-ly aspirations. My problem is that I can clean anything…I just can’t cook to feed myself or anyone else. I’ve always avoided it b/c it’s the first learning curve that’s so tough…I’d like to get further over that hump this year, or my future family will live on scrambled eggs and grilled cheese. :P

So, my list was pretty short this year, but sort of all-encompassing…we’ll see how I do. Maybe I’ll even update you on my progress!

And now it’s picture time. Step right up, ladies and germs, to the Abbreviated Pictorial Summary of Laurie’s Generally Camera-less Life, Because She Burned Out On Photography, Except For The Times She Took These Pictures And Then Spent Too Much Time Editing Them…oh, forget it. Just look at the pictures.








Looking at these again, I realize that they make for a very bad Pictorial Summary of my life, as they are mostly leaves and flowers. You probably think I’m a garden fairy, if plants are a summary of my life. Oh well. I tried.

Living the life as a garden fairy in 2015,



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