Wise Men and Internet Humor

This will be a shorter post, since I'm still lazing around in my pajamas and have to leave for class in an hour and a half. (I like the later start time...and I'll be home for lunch! Just perfect.)

This morning, the one passage I highlighted in my Bible was Proverbs 13:20:

"He who walks with wise men will be wise, but the companion of fools will be destroyed."

I love the first part, as I personally long to grow wise, especially in inter-personal situations, the way my mother is. It even sounds like wisdom come by osmosis, which makes things easier. Right?

Well, I'd like to think so, but I've discovered that's it's often a hard choice to hang out with the wiser people. And not just people in the flesh--people/communities online. As young people, foolishness is sooo tempting simply because it's easy. And not just easy, it's also fun and amusing.

For a case in point, look at Tumblr, Pinterest, or YouTube. Internet humor is addictive, at the least, and I have spent many an hour giggling at the insane and inane. But recently, the Lord opened my eyes one evening to what I was really laughing at, and I realized it was nothing short of stupid. And I was spending so much time on this, listening to these "invisible people" online, instead of even doing something I truly enjoy, like reading a good book or doodling in my design journal. In short, I was the companion of fools.

Don't get me wrong, I love humor and think it's one of the greatest gifts God gave us. Clean entertainment that includes a good laugh is an awesome way to unwind and relax. But when I realized how much brain-space I was devoting to this empty, poor-quality humor, avoiding anything serious that might require me to actually *gasp* think about something, I saw that this was a problem.

So I went on an internet break to help break myself of that, and also flush out the general slime I felt covered in. It's been a smashing success, and now, when I spend a few hours poking about online researching something or catching up on social media, my brain doesn't quite feel like my own when I'm done. Instead, I'm trying to stay with "wise men", listening to good spiritual teaching, reading the Bible more (I'm getting addicted!), reading good books, and making/doing artsy stuff.

So that's my little encouragement for the day. While writing this post, it's started to snow outside (!!!) and I need to puzzle out an accordingly wintry outfit for school. What was your verse for today? Do share!


  1. Very well-expressed thoughts!--convicting as well. Seems like life is constantly about choices, doesn't it? I appreciate the maturity you're showing by having the courage to make those harder choices. :-) (BTW, I love your new blog look!) Blessings ~


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