One of my favorite frames for a picture is the CoffeeShop ColorBar Template.  They add such an artistic flair. Here are some of my [feeble] attempts to do them justice:

I love adding these to photos with soft, ethereal colors.  The gentle progression from light to dark tones really brings out the artistry in the photo.

On the other end of the spectrum, colorbars are fun to add to slightly more low-key photos, as well.  The deep, rich colors are so beautiful!

And of course, there's nothing like adding more pop to a brightly-colored photo.  It's just too fun.

Have an awesome Tuesday, everyone!


P.S.  I just discovered that now Rita has come up with another fabulous Photoshop/PSE action: Instant ColorBar!  Oh, Rita, you're just amazing.

Coming Soon: Book Review of "So Much More"

Yes, another "coming soon"...

In the same shipment as It (Not That) Complicated, we received this book:

(excuse the little bitty picture)
So Much More, by Anna Sofia and Elizabeth Botkin, is about the role and impact that young ladies have in the Kingdom of God.  I'll be reading this immediately after I finish It's (Not That) Complicated, and am really looking forward to it!


Happy Monday!

Happy Monday, everyone!  Here's a little something I found that made me laugh and will hopefully brighten your day as well:


Coming Soon: Book Review of "It's Not That Complicated"

Well, the title pretty much told you everything in the post.  But I'm still going to tell you again.

My mom ordered this book for me:

It arrived on Thursday, and I haven't had time to read as much of it as I'd like.  So far, it's absolutely excellent and I couldn't recommend it more highly.  However, a more complete review will arrive when I finish it (which will be soon!).

For now, I'd encourage you to check it out from the library and see what you think!


The "Eye-Gate"

"I  will set no wicked thing before mine eyes: I hate the work of them that turn aside, it shall not cleave to me."

Psa. 101:3 KJV

It has struck me again just how important this verse is.  And in this age in this world, so full of wickedness, corruption, and perversion, it's very hard to follow!

We as Christians are the light of the world; a city set on a hill. (Mat. 5:14)  This light has to come from inside of us, resultant of Christ's work in us.  And how can that happen if that inside is full of darkness?

My mother painted this mental picture for me when I was little:  the eye-gate.  Think of your eyes as gates.  What are you letting past them?  The King's messengers?  His light, life, and love?  Or the darkness and corruption of the world that comes in so many different forms?

In this age of television and YouTube, we have to be extremely careful of what we watch.  Most of the time, seeing these things happens inadvertently.  We flip the channel, and boom!  Filth and immorality are filling the room.  We frantically change the channel again, only to find something worse.  Or we click over to YouTube to watch a seemingly innocent video, and presto!  More filth in the video, the sidebars, the comments.

But if we know that there's always the possibility of this happening, why do we persist in taking the chance of letting more junk in through our eye-gate?

Because it looks innocent on the outside.

Because it's only a little bit.

Because...well, to be frank, sometimes our flesh actually enjoys it.  

Our eyes are so very susceptible to wickedness.  Nothing seems to affect us quite as much as actually seeing it.  So, why take the chance?  Don't go to the channel you know will be bad.  Don't go to YouTube and search for questionable videos.  

Not sure what to do now that you're not being entertained?  Try reading the Bible.  God won't let you down for guarding your eye-gate and picking Him over everything else!

Have a blessed SONday!


Christmas Tea

Yesterday we were able to spend a wonderful time with our dear friends the M's for our annual Christmas tea together.  We sit, eat, talk, and open presents.  This year, we were all so busy that it was almost a month late!

This was our lovely lunch...chicken noodle soup, carrot sticks, cherry jam from the neighbors, and delicious date muffins, courtesy of the M's!

This was my mom's lunch (she's on a special candida diet, which means that right now she can only have green and white vegetables and meat).  That salad sure looks good...this diet isn't always that hard! :)

I love this candle...we've had it since I was little, and have saved it for some special occasion.  I guess this was it!  It wasn't burning too well, though...

Later in the afternoon, Miss R and I decided to do a photoshoot together.  She's so beautiful and great at posing...we always have lots of fun together.  After the shoot, we edited the photos in Lightroom, and presto!  They look amazing!  But really, my gorgeous subject is the only reason the pictures turned out so well. :D

Isn't she just beautiful?  Thanks for being such a wonderful friend, Miss R! I love you!


Jamie Grace

Jamie Grace is a Christian music artist that's relatively new to the scene.  I found her through Jill Samter, and immediately fell in love!  Her song "God Girl" is currently my theme song. :D  And "Show Jesus"?  I think I want it at my wedding. :)

For now: "God Girl".


Hello!  I'm Laurie, and this is my blog.  Why is it here?  Well, read on...

First, a little bit about myself.   I'm 15-yo homeschooler with no siblings, who loves the Lord with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength.  My ultimate dream is to be a stay-at-home wife and homeschooling mother, but my only goal is to go where He leads me.  Every day of my life revolves completely around my Prince of Peace!  He is my Best Friend, and the Bible is my favorite book.

I also am an amateur photographer who sees most of life through my lens, and am the proud owner of a Nikon D3100.  I have played piano for about 8 years, and love it!  Right now I'm working on learning more hymns (my favorite is Amazing Grace).  I write, I blog, I'm a Photoshop geek, Sherlockian, and Trekkie.  (Strange combo, I know...just talk to my friends. :D)  But most of all, I want to live for the Lord.

Why do I have this blog?  Because I'd like to share with the world some of my journey to the Celestial City. Mostly, it will be small devotionals I have ideas for, but I'll also be sharing some of our daily life (and photos!).  I pray that the Lord will direct my every word, and that it will bring a smile to your face!