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I’m Back(!)

My apologies for this unintentional hiatus, friends!  Starting at the beginning of March, here’s a quick outline of what my life has entailed since then (there’s a lot):-Mom left for a week to help launch my grandma’s book at the Tuscon Festival of Books.  I got to run the house for a week, in addition to doing school and working on my lines.-I had a play, The Secret Garden.  It was grand fun, with a bunch of fun people.  However, by the end of 6 consecutive days of dress rehearsals and performances, I was wiped.  -I’m pushing to get my school done faster—we’re hopefully going to be done with my history by the end of May.  And I’m almost done with Spanish 1.  I’m in the last quarter of biology (I think), and can’t wait to start chemistry when that’s done.  I started a semester late on Geometry, so that will be going into my junior year like it or not…please pray that the Lord would help me be more diligent in my school.  It’s so easy to get distracted!-I’ve started a mother’s helper j…