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In Which I Discuss Hair

Hair.  That arch-nemesis of all things human and female.  *shudders*

It's that weird, stringy, knotty, curly, straight, flat, poofy, uncooperative stuff that grows on your head and mine.  It's controversial.

Needless to say, I've spent as much time trying to work out a peace negotiation with my hair as any other girl. I'm not sure we've come to terms yet--let me give you a short debriefing on It.  It (meaning Hair) is medium-length, with a few leftover layers, somewhere between light brown and dishwater blonde, flat with a hint of wave, and generally in pretty healthy shape.  I'm trying to grow it out.  It's not.

Hair is remarkably contrary that way. You want it to do something. As soon as you ask it to do this something, even if it's been doing it for years, it immediately stands up indignantly and shouts "NO!" in your face.  Hair needs better manners.

I mean, imagine the thousands of special days Hair has ruined for poor girls all over the …

Cleaning Up and Cleaning Out

Our family has a problem.  If we get something, we keep it.Forever.Please don’t visit our basement. On the one hand, this is very useful—we have many family heirlooms with decades, even centuries, of history behind them.  When we need a certain something, we usually have it. And then there’s the other hand. “Look, we still have a bin of ratty, holey dressup from when you were 5! Why do we still have it?”  “Well, I was going to use that dress in my next photoshoot with a friend…”  And the bin goes back on the shelf.So, lately, we’ve been working on truly cleaning out. (Or trying to.) My good friend Amy is a wonderful example of this—if she doesn’t need or use something, she throws it out!  What a novel thought.  But in order to what you have that needs cleaning out, you have to clean up first. I did that with my room recently—and was amazed! I do have a desk underneath the gargantuan piles of unused books, notebooks, random pieces of clothing, hair accessories, photoshoot accessories, …