So, yeah...I've been pretty lousy about posting the past couple weeks. Most of that is due to being off school in the middle of your typical holiday craziness. However, we start back to school on Wednesday, and I hope to be posting more regularly. Funny how blogging correlates with school--you'd think I'd blog more on a break. Instead, I seem to put it in the same class as school and simply put it on the shelf until we resume. I'm afraid you'll just have to accept this brain anomaly of mine, dear reader.

So what have we been doing? Not a lot, actually. We had a nice, quiet Christmas, full of lovely presents and fun family time. More on that later. One of my favorite presents would have to be the Kindle I got...I'm loving it so far, and am currently deep in the old-west world of Mark Twain's Roughing It. (If you're looking for some excellent and humorous reading, pick it up!)

Dad and I went to see The Hobbit on Thursday...I'll be posting a review soon! Quick opinion: it was good, but not Lord of the Rings.

As to the new year...2013. Wow. 2012 just went by so fast. I didn't accomplish or become all that I wanted to, but I could have put in some effort I didn't. As to new year's resolutions, my one and only thus far is a new Bible reading program. It's 9 chapters a day, and I don't think it'll hurt me. I've been wanting to spend more time in the Word, but there always seems to be something else that comes up.  Hmm...need to work on fighting that.

So, now I'm off to so behind on my sleep. *yawn*  Blessings, everyone!

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