Back Again

I would very much like to start blogging again.

I have time now—I’ve graduated high school. Am done with homeschooling. Have started a new life in a new state, getting to better know family we’ve been distant from (geographically speaking) my whole life. I start further education in graphic design in August. My brain is older and feels more settled. I’ve even honed my writing skills a bit.

Most importantly, my sights are fixed more firmly on the Celestial City than they have ever been. I’ve fought my fair share of battles the past few years; tasted blood in my mouth enough times to know that this is serious stuff. God’s Son gave His life for me, and I can give nothing less in return. I hope the Lord uses this platform to encourage other young people in their walks, as well. 

So here’s to better blogging days ahead, in which I share with the world the profound thoughts that fall into my head like a bolt of divine lightning the little struggles, prayers, laughs and tears that make up my day-to-day life.

That sounded like a bad Hallmark card.

Suffice it to say, I want to get back into the good ol’ blogging swing of things this summer.


It’s good to be back.