Golf Course Sketch Trip

I ventured out on a sketch trip across the golf course the other day, armed with necessary supplies packed in a little bag. The golf course is a beautiful area to stroll and sketch--an unusual oasis in our arid country--but it can be hard to avoid golfers and find a surreptitious spot. I first found a little bench a half-mile from our house and parked myself there, as it offered a fine view of the course's rolling hills, clubhouse, and local mountain.

(Please ignore the smudging--a little bit of it is an experiment gone wrong, but the rest happened with careless handling.) I definitely want to come back to this spot...the mountain adds a beautiful backdrop and the little hills make lots of interesting layers.

Funny story: As I sat on the bench, a couple golfers drove by and said, "Are you grading us?!" (I only realized later what they said.) I shook my head and was quiet as they teed off (the tee was right next to the bench). Then, as they were packing up, one said, "Wait--are you drawing something?" I said yes, and they seemed impressed, complimented the view, and drove off.

Art always attracts such interest from passers-by. :P

I moved on to draw some trees--I should have done the little shape sketch (in the corner) first and then done the big one. Also should have taken more time, but this was done standing in a large path beside a fairway, and it's hard to concentrate while standing holding a sketchbook and trying to ignore the golfers walking by.

Another path. There were all sorts of interesting lines from rain flow, which I tried to capture.

I wasn't too pleased with the day's results, done hastily, but plan to remedy that on future sketch trips. Thoughtfulness always pays off!

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