Greetings, traveler! Have a seat by the fire, and rest your bones for a while.

I'm Laurie, the girl behind this blog. I'm also a twenty-three-year-old artist, reader, writer, and certified daydreamer. Jesus Christ is my heart, soul, and breath, and I ache to see the world know Him better. Each day with Him is an adventure, growing deeper in His love and walking in the fullness of His Spirit.

Along with my family, I've made my home here in the sunny Southwest United States. I love the rugged beauty around me, and try to capture what I can with my camera and sketchbook. Of course, that's not all I do--after a lifetime of homeschooling, I love books and have started my own collection of old classics. P.G. Wodehouse, anyone?

I firmly believe laughing is medicinal, and rarely does a day go by without bringing some moment of humor and sweetness worth savoring. That's why I have this blog--joy is best shared! I hope you leave feeling encouraged, my friend.